INS Aubenç

2013 - INS AUBEN - Edifici 4webIES Aubenç, is located in Oliana, a small village in the Pyrinees (north-west of Catalonia, Spain). The school offers compulsory secondary education and has about 100 students, aged 12 to 16. In recent years, thanks to the improvement of infrastructures, the area is opening up to greater social diversity.

The pupils attending our school belong to working-class. We also have pupils from migrant families (4,21%) from Eastern Europe, South America and Asia. There are 1,05% special needs pupils integrated in ordinary classes, with the support of specially trained teachers.
Our school project "CONVIU" (living together) wants to promote the participation of all school members. The objective is to improve the relationships in the school setting. The different aspects of the project are as follows:

  1. relationships, procedures and channels of communication in the classroom.
  2. Social skills and coordination of teachers
  3. Education for the equality between the sexes
  4. Attention to students' diversity.
  5. learner-centred methodologies.
  6. Environmental education
  7. Solidarity, conflicts resolution

Thus, we promote activities with special emphasis in inclusion and collaboration among pupils.  We think that this project is going to increase pupil motivation and foster their self-esteem and autonomy. Being part of this comenius partnership is especially important to help our students widen their perspectives, broaden their knowledge about different cultures and countries, and experience the meaning of European dimension.

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