Roman Heritage in Poland


Development of Roman Heritage

Although the Roman Empire didn’t stretch as far as today’s Poland, the introduction of Christianity in 966 brought Roman heritage to the newly born Polish kingdom.

Romanesque is an architectural style that dominated in Western Europe in the 11th and 12th centuries, and whose name means “from Rome.” The term reflects the fact that Romanesque buildings, like those of the ancient Roman Empire, tend to display a strong sense of proportion and order, are solid and robust, and feature numerous rounded arches and vaults.

Romanesque architecture was the most popular in Poland from XI till XIII century. Poland 1

Mariacki Church

Mariacki Church has got two towers typical to Roman style.

The higher tower is called Hejnalica and is 82 metres high. From that tower you can hear Hejnał Mariacki. Hejnał Mariacki also known as the Kraków Anthem, is a traditional five-note Polish anthem related to the history and traditions of Kraków. It is played every day, four times on the hour, by a trumpeter. Once a day at noon it is transmitted by radio to all of Poland and the world.Poland 3

Lower tower is 69 meters high and there are bells in it

Inside of Mariacki Church

Poland 5




St. Nicolas Church - Rotunda

Poland 6



This Roman building is situated in Cieszyn the city which is ‘shared’ between Poland and Czech Republic. Rotunda is a traditional Roman building with a circular ground plan, sometimes covered by a dome. Rotunda in Cieszyn is a castle chapel. It was build in about XI century.

Rotunda in Cieszyn is one of the oldest buildings in Poland. That is why it was placed on one of our 20 złoty bill.Poland 7


Inside of Rotunda

The shape of windows is an example of Roman architecture.

Poland 8Poland 9


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